Carbon Credits

Rewarding Farmers for Good Management Practices

We are currently working with Agri-Trend Aggregation to generate carbon offsets under the Conservation Cropping Tillage Protocol, established by Alberta Environment. Our business is based on a well organized and structured process, good communication, and exceptional data management provided by the Agri-Data Solution software. Our exceptional quality assurance standards provide emitters with high quality tonnes, and premium returns to the farmers who sell them.

*** NEW ***

We intend to engage in a new Protocol called the Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Protocol (NERP), which rewards farmers for using good nitrogen management practices. This protocol will be based on the 4R's of nitrogen management and good agronomy (right source, right rate, right time, right place), and farmers will be compensated for emission reductions based on their nitrogen use efficiency.

Marcel Limoges is an Agri-Trend Carbon Coach. His role is to:

  • Assist farmers in the creation of compliant quality offsets
  • Assist farmers in determining their eligibility
  • Provide farmers with the necessary documents and information
  • Be as helpful as possible in guiding farmers through the completion of these documents
  • Ensure that renewals get completed in future years and inform clients about changes within the program

Contact Marcel by email or Cell (780) 837-1199

What we've achieved:

  • Returned over $30M to producers since 2007
  • ISO:9001 quality assurance certification
  • Have never failed a pool
  • Developed a simple renewal process
  • Farmers own their data