Variable Rate Technology

Every Farmer knows there are differences within each field, just as he knows each field is different

We can help you identify the differences across your farm and guide you through the process of managing them more efficiently. Our relationship with Agri-Trend Geo Solutions provides us with the tools and expertise needed to take your production to the next level.

What clients get:

  • More effective allocation of inputs
  • Reduced production risk
  • Better knowledge of their land
  • A strategy that fits their needs and equipment capabilities
  • Confidence in their approach
  • Proper zone creation
  • Various zone creation options
  • Implementation of the right agronomics within each zone
  • An Agri-Data Solution account and access to the app
  • Full ownership of their data
  • A comfortable pace of transition into the future way of farming

Contact Richard via email or cell (780) 837-6992 to get started.