Elemental Sulphur

Save time, save money, improve crop performance

Limoges Seed Farms is the Peace Country supplier of Bio-Sul Premium Plus. This innovative new product is agronomically sustainable, logistically practical, and environmentally responsible.


  • Elemental sulphur + Compost
  • Elemental sulphur is a by-product of oil and gas industry
  • Compost is derived from food waste
  • Sulphur and compost are blended for several months
  • Product is screened for particle size and broadcasted on fields
  • Analysis is 70% sulphur


  • Lowest cost sulphur source on the market
  • One application lasts several years
  • Takes bulky ammonium sulphate out of your seed drill and fertilizer bins
  • Seed more acres per fill
  • Reduces sulphur loss in areas of higher leaching potential
  • Multiple particle sizes ensure adequate availability over several years
  • Delivery and application included
  • Simple and effective!