Our Production Practices

 The best Defence is a good offence

We are extremely aggressive with our fertility as we believe this is the best way to increase plant health. We believe that increased plant health improves the quality and health of the seed produced. Our goal is to produce seeds that have higher germination and vigor rates, larger seed size (TKW), higher nutrient density, and lower disease levels. We continually try to improve the fertility of our crops and soils to provide our customers the best quality possible to help them generate a higher return on their investment.

 We do this in several ways:

  • Every field soil sampled every year
  • Every field tissue sampled multiple times throughout the year
  • Fertilizer applications based on yield goals, with consideration to the following factors: soil test results, nutrient removal rates, tissue results, visual observations, and long term sustainability/improvement goals
  • Seed primers are used to provide early nutrition, promote fast emergence and avoid disease
  • foliar nutrition is provided in-crop based on tissue test results, visual observations, and plant needs
  • Micro nutrient needs are addressed as required
  • Fungicides are applied as needed
  • We are constantly receiving ideas and support from the Agri-Trend Network

We are also a CFIA accredited Bulk Storage Facility, and work very hard to provide exceptional purity and traceability standards to our customers. We are fortunate to be in an area free of clubroot or fusarium, and follow Best Management Practices (BMP's) to keep our crops free from these diseases. We make an effort to educate our clients on the importance of these diseases so that they can protect their own farms as well.