Long Term Plans

Advancing farms with innovation


Our mission is to help farmers be more profitable by providing them with innovative solutions and knowledgeable expertise. We strive to deliver high quality products and services in a timely manner, while recognizing that each farm has different needs. We make honest recommendations based on scientific evidence, with consideration given to sustainability, environment, and the long term growth and viability of our farm customers.


Our management style is progressive, sustainable, and reflects the best interests of the industry and the general public. Operations are carried out according to the following guiding principles:

1. To provide our customers with accurate, factual, and beneficial information, within the realm of our expertise.
2. To be honest and respectful to our clients and to each other.
3. To provide a safe work environment for everyone involved.
4. To use and encourage production practices that improve soil health, exceed food safety requirements, and focus on the long term sustainability of our land as a safe, reliable food source.
5. To promote a healthy natural environment by protecting riparian areas, maintaining tree cover and wildlife habitat, and increasing biodiversity.
6. To maintain outstanding traceability records to guarantee that customers, clients, and the public can be confident in the products we produce.
7. To encourage farmers to use Best Management Practices in order to protect their farms, our farming area, and the industry.
8. To be "Agvocates" and help educate the public about our industry, while doing our best to correct the "non-science" misinformation that we encounter.


  • Completed an Environmental Farm Plan
  • Planted shelter belts
  • Adopted a diverse crop rotation
  • Moved to zero tillage seeding operations
  • Adopted a fertility program that matches or exceeds crop nutrient removal rates 
  • Adopted the "4 R's of nutrient management" strategy
  • Began using variable rate product application practices
  • Reduced pesticide use